Using Creativity to Set Yourself Apart


A lot of times creativity gets left in the dust when pursuing our goals, yet it can be our most powerful way of setting ourselves apart.

This winter I took on an art project as a creative release and a chance to stretch myself. It started with creating a drawing or painting almost every day, and it’s evolved into me reinterpreting those drawings and paintings through photography.

It’s too early to know the full impact of this experiment, but I’ve noticed payoffs. The process of creating regularly has reminded me of the value of discovering what you like and developing it systematically. It’s bringing more of me into the world, and it’s expanding how much of myself I’m capable of bringing.

Trying visual art was a big challenge since I have no formal training. I didn’t even know what materials I should use. Once I got past those mental blocks, I discovered the art that satisfied me. My experiment has a repetitive, meditative quality to it. It’s a great playground for using intuition, exploring arbitrary connections in everyday life and learning to not only tolerate imperfection but indulge in it.

This project has made me more appreciative and observant. I was an art fan before, and this project has given me a greater appreciation of creative skill. At galleries and museums, I’m connected more deeply to what the artist might be communicating and what it took to create their work. I look more closely and notice works I used to be blind to.

It’s possible that the greatest payoff is none of the above. It may just be the fun. It’s fun to express myself. It’s a refreshing break and a different way to activate my brain.

I’m interested to see how this experiment evolves.

How are you stretching your creativity?