Achieve The Impossible

I draw from my experience as a 16-time world champion athlete to help you take on the impossible.

Perform Under Pressure

Showing our potential means performing when it counts. Mindset training helps you bring your best to the biggest moments.

Overcome Setbacks

When pursuing greatness, setbacks and plateaus are a given. it's how we overcome them that separates the champions from the also-rans.

Maximize Enjoyment

Achieving the impossible takes hard work, but it should be rewarding too. Mental coaching helps you shift frustration back to enjoyment.

Elevate Your Career

Keeping our professional advantage requires expert support. Someone to help us push beyond perceived limits, an ally not bound by the assumptions of  colleagues and friends. It’s essential to stay sharp and insightful. To build resilience. To identify and address blind spots. And maybe most importantly, to feel motivated and fulfilled.

I’m here to help. Draw on my experience winning 16 world championships and my extensive training as an ICF-accredited professional to take on your biggest goals.

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Be A Champion Performer

As an athlete, you know you can achieve more. You’ve still got unlocked potential. And playing your sport can be even more fun. But how do you make that happen?

I’ve been there. I went from unranked player to the finals of the US Open in 24 months. My teams discovered how to win world championships 8 of 9 years in a row. And when things became stale, I reinvented how I play. 

You deserve that too, and I’d like to help you get it.

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