Achieve The Impossible

I draw from my experience as a 16-time world champion athlete to help you take on the impossible.

Vision + Strategy

Let's take a deep look where you want to go. Are you aiming high enough? Are you being true to yourself? What’s it going to take to get there?


What skills and experience do you need to pull this off? What kind of support system sets you up for success? Let’s make those things happen.


How do you respond to setbacks? We work together to reduce the time it takes to get back on track.


What does it take to perform at the high stakes moment? We identify a toolkit for you to use during pressure situations, so you can bring your best.


The structure and accountability of regular mindset training accelerates momentum and opens up more frequent access to high performance moments.

Recent Posts

thoughts on taking on the impossible

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Those Damned Expectations

Peak performance is about paradox. Be intense and stay relaxed at the same time. Play with bravado and humility simultaneously. Be fully trained nearly beyond the bounds of health – and fully rested too. The Read more…