About Arthur Coddington


I am a 16-time world champion athlete in Frisbee Freestyle, and I use my champion perspective to help athletes and business leaders reinvent the way they achieve seemingly impossible goals.

I have been featured on ESPN, Eurosport and Fox Sports,

I have a unique view on success. I’m proud to have set records for the number of world championships won in my sport, and I am equally proud of sustaining elite level performance for twenty years and reinventing the way I approach competition several times, in order to renew my motivation and become a better athlete.

Beyond the playing field, I have earned a psychology degree from Princeton University, led the iconic Frisbee, Hacky Sack and Hula Hoop brands and directed Craigslist Foundation’s technology initiatives.

Photo by Jessica Ladoe

What I Believe

I believe being hardcore and driven are not the same.

We think it’s about being hardcore. We’re told it’s all about hard work, grinding it out. While intensity is essential, the most important edges don’t come from being driven.

Wanna know what’s really hardcore? Finding edges creatively where no one else does. The nonlinear leaps are where you set yourself apart. I like to help people sharpen their direction and find distinctive edges without it having to feel heavy or overwhelming.

I believe lasting change requires investment.

Lasting change doesn’t happen through wishful thinking or laws of attraction. Nor does it happen by stripping all the meaning away from your life in service of a sterile, bottom line approach.

Change is about breaking old habits, creating fresh ones and charting new territory with peers and yourself. That takes an investment of time and effort.

Mindset training can frequently be part of that investment. My approach combines proven coaching techniques with the lessons I’ve learned about peak performance from winning and losing throughout the years. It embraces the power of our brains to create new ideas, invent new perspectives, imagine the unknown and surpass known physical boundaries.

I don’t believe in waiting around for change. I believe in being engaged in making it happen, with an awareness that a worthwhile journey will include both setbacks and progress.

I believe humility and ego are essential for greatness.

There is an elusive balance point between humility and ego. Get too humble and we sell ourselves short. Let ego take over and we rest on our laurels and strangle innovation. When we embrace both ego and humility, we can find ways to set ourselves apart.

My sports achievements sprang not from humble goals but from aiming for greatness, yet the only way to achieve them was to be humble enough to learn what I needed to improve, respect my fellow competitors and identify opportunities for competitive edges. And the only way to put that humility into action was to have the ego to believe in what frequently seemed impossible.

I believe in training for greatness – and enjoying it.

When we take on the impossible, it’s easy to see only the hard work ahead of us. And it’s easy to think that training might be a hellish series of exhausting drills.

It’s the opposite.

There will be hard work, and the expert play is to find enjoyment in it. When your impossible goal is clearly connected to who you are, that becomes possible.

My approach as a coach is to kick your ass, but in a way that expands you rather than grinds you down.

My goals is to bring my clients alive, to find insight and discovery. To inspire action.

Don’t tell anyone, but sometimes it’s actually fun.

It’s about crafting your greatness and helping you appreciate the experience of pursuing crazy goals, not just the goal itself.

I believe greatness requires agility.

Greatness is about many things. One of the most important pieces is agility. Being honest about where you are now, being aware of what the next step should be, and being willing to make honest, aware course corrections often enough to reach beyond expectations.

In many ways, my life has been about strengthening and using my agility.

I had no ambitions in brand management or marketing, but using agility led me to be entrusted with two iconic businesses: Frisbee and Hacky Sack. My passion for the products allowed me to craft compelling visions for each brand and gave me incentive to expand my business skills. I embraced reinvention to save Hacky Sack (and double sales) by redesigning the entire product line in only a few months.

A few years later, I harnessed some technology know-how and a passion for contributing to the social good into a position with Craigslist Foundation. There, I discovered and cultivated the distinctiveness I offer as an introverted leader to earn the role of Director of Online Programs.

Now I build on those experiences to be a catalyst for people to unleash their greatness.

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Greatness happens in an infinite number of ways, including the one you have in mind.

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