For Athletes

Mindset Training for Athletes

You have what it takes inside you to succeed.

Partnering with a mental coach helps shift the odds toward reaching that potential more quickly.

Raw talent is rarely enough. Greatness is in cultivating raw talent, honing it, expanding it, owning it. The best way to get there on the playing field is with the right support.

My mission is to unleash your greatness.

What is mindset training?

I work one-on-one and in small groups using five elements: Vision, Growth, Resilience, Performance and Support. This happens in parallel to your on-the-field training. Whether during your playing season or your off season, the goal is to revolutionize your athletic experience.

We start with strategy, setting overall goals for our work together and identifying the growth needed to accomplish your vision. As we generate velocity forward, we develop the champion mindset that supports your greatness. When shorter term challenges come up along the way, we take them on.

We identify what it takes to bring out your best performances and strengthen the skill of making peak performance happen more often. And we make sure you are surrounding yourself with a support system that lets you take on the impossible.

Most coaching is by phone or video call.

How long does it take?

While breakthroughs happen in single sessions, an optimal approach is to work in engagements of six months or longer in order to go deep on your mindset goals, build new resilience in your mental strength and practice putting it into play in competition.

Your coaching plan is customized to to what you need.

Ready to start? Let’s do this.

The first step is to set up a strategy session. You get to learn more about mindset training, and I get to learn about your current sports experiences and your goals. Then we move forward if there’s a good match.

Get in touch using the contact form below.

Not sure whether now is the right time to learn more? It is. There’s never a hard sell.

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