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Peak Performance Business Consulting

I believe lasting impact comes from an agile, creative and courageous mindset. My goal is to take you and your team past what you through possible and to cultivate bold and authentic leadership.

The four core elements of my work, whether in one-on-one intensives, team workshops or trainings are:


The difference between victory and defeat is often mindset. Gifted, well-trained athletes are outplayed every day by underdogs with a superior mindset. Companies with great ideas are overtaken in the market by others with the mindset to connect the idea with the public. My mindset training is grounded in my experience winning and adapting across twenty years at the top of my sport.


Progress toward our goals can slow and get stale without regular doses of outside support. Surround yourself with a structure of accountability, idea generation and networking to move you toward your goals with increasing velocity.


Every leader needs a trusted ally to for longterm growth and short-term troubleshooting. It’s not enough to lean on existing leadership skills. Leaders today have to be focused, agile and always learning. Executive coaching with me is an innovation lab. You get the opportunity to step back from the trenches, see the big picture, assess what’s needed and develop fresh new solutions. This ability to iterate with a trusted ally is a key component of leadership at all levels, from family businesses to the most successful corporations in the world.[link to eric schmidt or bill gates]


Bold leadership is compelling, not bombastic. It is full of real emotion – yes, including uncertainty and fears – and it is bolstered by a commitment to courage. Bold leadership is willing to set aside assumptions about the way things are and creatively take on the impossible in order to create impact that matters. The leadership training component of my work guides individuals and teams toward these ideals, inspires clarity of purpose and supports the development of the skills needed to achieve remarkable goals.

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Let’s design a custom program that achieves your unique needs. Send me a note using the contact form below so we can talk about what your organization most needs now and what will take it beyond your current expectations.

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Peak Performance Consulting Framework

Every project is customized to the individual, and all follow a framework based on my background as a high performance athlete:

Tactical Design

The workflow typically goes like this:

1. Info Call. Let’s schedule a phone call so you can learn more of what this is all about. Rapport is very important in consulting, so we can both see if we’d like to work together. People aren’t always ready to dive in with a phone call. If that’s you, sending me a message is a quick way to take a big step toward achieving your goals.

2. Design Our Work. Once we decide to work together, we sketch out how we’d like to work together. How often? For how long? Toward what goals and milestones? I recommend planning on working on your performance mindset for at least six months in order to dive deep enough, identify blockers and develop strong new habits.

3. Kick It Off. This is where we roll up our sleeves and start you on the path toward peak performance. We’ll address things like:

  • Connecting with strong motivation toward your goal
  • Surrounding yourself with an all-star team
  • Finding courage to make tough tradeoffs
  • Playing to your distinctive talents and addressing your weaknesses
  • Having a plan to keep yourself strong and avoid burnout

4. Iterate. Frequent evaluation and nimble adjustments are important when taking on huge goals. When things are moving fast, we’ll see how far we can push the acceleration. When we hit setbacks, we’ll recover and update our tactics. You will always own the pace of work – and I will always advocate for you to push past your perceived limits.

Most of my work is one-on-one by phone or video chat. I also offer in-person consulting intensives.

Let’s talk about where you want to go and how I can help you get there.