Six Lessons from a Network Marketing Ambush


This week I went across town for a meeting with someone who had reached out to me. There was a connection to a friend, and there seemed to be some interest in charting out the next chapters of his life through coaching. He also seemed to want to talk with me about some sports product he was involved with.

When I arrived at the cafe for the meeting, he introduced himself and guided me to a table he had staked out. As soon as I sat down, he started pitching his network marketing scheme. I extricated myself from this ambush, but not before I experienced enough of the pitch to pull some lessons from it.

We Got Your Back

Give me your hand ....

“Testing oneself is best when done alone.” – Jimmy Carter

I remember throwing grapes at the TV as a spoiled teenager when a Jimmy Carter speech pre-empted my favorite show. I’d like to throw grapes at this quote.

I’ve grown to love Jimmy Carter. More than any other, he’s used his presence as an ex-President to do good in the world, to fight for peace and what’s right. And he hasn’t done it alone. He’s been surrounded the entire time by family, friends and allies. While I’m sure new wisdom has emerged during times of solitude, what brought that wisdom alive was sharing it with his team. They vetted it, elaborated on it, created new venues from which to broadcast it, and amplified the message. The test came when he was not alone.