Training vs. Working Out

power lifter

Stacey Richardson makes an awesome distinction in her new article It’s Not About The Workouts. Working out isn’t enough. The journey of training toward a goal is the key to huge gains.

She puts it better than I could:

“training is this journey into the deeper parts of yourself as a person, an athlete, and a person with doubts, feelings, a life, a family, and a balancing act. It’s not following some random spreadsheet from a book.”

We can apply this idea wherever we like. Are we going to work just to go to work, or is there a larger purpose for each moment we’re there? Are we waking up because it’s the beginning of the day, or are we waking up in order to take our lives in the most compelling, spectacular direction possible?

I love the idea of noticing when we’re working out vs. training as, well, a training exercise. I’m going to try it.