What Mountain Will You Climb At 61 Years Old?

This is a stunning video about passion, longevity, vitality and family.

Rock climber Francisco Marin is 61 years old. He found his passion, devoted himself to it, and wove the rest of his life around it. As he shows us photos from throughout his life, we see the richness, the many chapters, the varied interests, the other passions he has devoted himself to, the pride in his family. We see how he has simplified his life. In one small living space, he has everything he needs – at least during his current quest to climb Geminis.

EpicTV’s description of the video pitches it as a more difficult rock face than anyone his age has climbed, but it’s clear that the record isn’t what really matters to Marin. Devoting himself to this climb for two years has offered him something more. If I had to guess, it would be about stretching his limits, using his creativity to solve this climbing challenge, and sharing the experience with those he loves. Something we can all aspire to.

Why Michael Phelps Shouldn’t Retire – And Neither Will I

Michael Phelps swam the 4th fastest 100m butterly time in the world tonight, and the media headlines are about losing.

This is how we know the media has no clue about elite performance.

Phelps, the greatest swimmer ever, finished second to Ryan Lochte, who may end up as the second best swimmer ever. He did it after taking two years off, gaining 30 pounds, then quietly training back into shape over the last six months.

Today’s placement wasn’t about winning or losing. It was a kickoff. An experiment. The smile he showed in the prelims showed it has elements of a game. It’s fun.

While I’m sure Phelps would have been pumped to win, his results show he still belongs among the world’s elite swimmers. That he could be so competitive after such a short time training should terrify his rivals.
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