An Extraordinary Story of Grace and Forgiveness.

I discovered Bianca Giaever through her brilliant short film The Scared is scared, and I found this interview with Hector Black while searching for more of her work.

Imagine losing your daughter. Imagine that she was killed by a crack-addicted man caught burglarizing her apartment.

Now imagine having the grace look at her killer in the courtroom and tell him about your longing for forgiveness.

Now imagine that this grace inspires him to reveal his humanity to the father and the entire courtroom.

Sound unlikely? There’s more.

Now imagine befriending your daughter’s killer during his prison term in a quest for forgiveness.

Extraordinary and just unheard of.

And it doesn’t end there.

Now imagine taking that personal experience and shining it outward, sharing it with others – perpetrators and victims – so they might find forgiveness.

That’s Hector Black. I’m an instant fan.