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Introversion as Burnout Prevention

In a guest post on David Johnson’s Crossing the Threshold, I explore about whether introversion might help us avoid burnout. What do you think? Take a moment to read it and share your thoughts over at Crossing the Threshold:


The Melody of Coaching

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My coach, Ann Betz, and I were talking yesterday about vocal range in coaching. As an introvert, one of the things I’ve noticed about coaching training is that when range is mentioned, the training is toward going big. Being louder. Being more animated. Being crazier. What’s missing is equal emphasis on the companion lesson of being more quiet, more still, more grounded. Challenging territory for an introvert – and ripe with growth opportunities. Not as challenging territory for extroverts, and the omission of stillness deprives them of a chance to expand…or is that condense?
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