success is about
the mental game

A winning mindset requires as much intense practice as physical techniques. 

Whether you are aiming for world championship performance or elevating your business performance, it’s essential to invest in your mental game. 

I am a 16-time world champion athlete. I’m here to help you accomplish the impossible.

How Mental Training Helps

Play At Your Peak

Bring your best game more often, and redefine your A-game.

Gain Strategic Advantage

Be the one defining the advantage rather than catching up.

Overcome Inconsistency

Recover rapidly from setbacks. Control the damage and get back to your A-game.

Reduce Frustration

Enjoy the game more and harness your emotions toward performance.

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Special LVC Packages

I have created three special discounted coaching practices for LVC participants and their friends. All packages include phone or Skype coaching, plus email and text support between sessions. Split your sesions into 30 or 60 minute sessions – your choice. Check with me for in-person coaching opportunities.

Need something different? Let’s create a custom program to help you reach your goals.


deep coachinG

Great for do-it-yourself personalities. We’ll assess your mental game and map out strategies to move you toward your targets.

  • One hour deep coaching and strategy session.
  • Online follow-up




Price reflects LVC discount through 12/31/18


Elevate Your Game

Take a deep look at your current performance mindset and where you want to take it. Develop new habits to help you perform at your best.

  • Three hours of coaching plus online support.
  • Save $30 more if you start by 4/15/18



Price reflects LVC discount through 12/31/18


Breakthru Season

Get your mental game tuned and primed throughout the year. Develop and implement strategies to raise your mental game with six months of mindset training.

  • Six hours of coaching plus online support
  • Get an extra hour of coaching and save an extra $75 if you start by 4/15/18



Price reflects LVC discount through 12/31/18