Let’s make you legendary.

Raw talent isn’t enough. Greatness is in cultivating that talent, honing it, expanding it, owning it. Taking it to levels that shock the world. The best way to get there in the business world or on the playing field is with the right support. My mission is to unleash your greatness. Get started.

Being driven does not equal being hardcore.

We think it’s about being hardcore. We’re told it’s all about hard work, grinding it out. While Intensity is essential, the most important edges don’t come from being driven. Wanna know what’s really hardcore? Finding edges creatively where no one else does. The nonlinear leaps are where you set yourself apart. My system helps you sharpen the professional direction and find your distinctive edges. Get started.

Invest in lasting change.

Let’s get real about lasting change. It doesn’t happen through wishful thinking or laws of attraction. Nor does it happen by stripping all the meaning away from your life in service of a sterile, bottom line approach. Change is about breaking old habits, creating fresh ones and charting new territory with peers and yourself. My approach combines proven coaching techniques with the lessons I’ve learned about peak performance from winning 15 world championships. It embraces the power of our brains to create new ideas, invent new perspectives, imagine the unknown and surpass known physical boundaries. We’re not waiting around for change. We’re engaged in making it happen and aware that a worthwhile journey will include both setbacks and progress. Get started.

Training for greatness – and enjoying it.

With all this talk about transforming your raw talent and being hardcore, it’s easy to imagine coaching as a hellish series of exhausting drills. It’s the opposite. Coaching is about bringing you alive. It’s about insight and engagement, discovery and action. Don’t tell anyone, but sometimes it’s actually fun. When we do address heavy topics, we do it with compassion, respect, resilience and patience. Coaching is about your development. Not about fixing you. Not about fitting you into someone else’s vision. It’s about crafting the greatness in you and bringing more of it to the world. Get started.

Let’s get started.

The first step is to set up a strategy session. I get to learn about your priorities. You get to learn more about coaching. Then we move forward if there’s a good coaching match. Set up your strategy session by emailing me or using the contact form below. Not sure whether now is the time to take this on? Guess what – it is. Your first coaching challenge is to ask for the support you need.

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How does it work?

I coach leaders one-on-one. We start by setting overall goals for our work together. As we generate velocity toward those goals, we develop the champion mindset that supports your greatness. When shorter term challenges come up along the way, we take them on. I work with leaders in 6 month engagements to generate momentum toward their goals and cement the changes in their lives.

Every coaching engagement is custom designed because everyone is different. Some leaders tap into greater creativity and insight with phone sessions, while others find they generate more momentum in person. Some prefer frequent coaching sessions, while others get coached less often in order to focus on implementing the learnings from each session.

Ready to start? Let’s do this.