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Managing Introverts Webinar: July 1

managing introverts webinar on july 1, 2014

Join me on July 1 as I team up with David Johnson for a one hour webinar called Managing Your Organization’s Greatest Hidden Asset: Introverts. This webinar is designed for:

* Employers, managers and supervisors who have introverts on their teams, and;

* Introverted employees who want strategies to collaboratively shape their work experience with supervisors.

We will host the webinar twice (9am and 1pm PST) on July 1 to make it accessible to as many time zones as possible.

To learn more and register, visit https://managingintroverts.eventbrite.com. Use discount code “quiet” to get 50% off your ticket.

How Your Motivation Can Fuel Your Adventures

At the Feet of an Ancient Master by Premasagar Rose

Call to adventure…

The vision is set. The goals are in place. You are positioned in front of your computer, note book, or on your way to your office (even if that it is 30 second walk from bed to another room in the house), and nothing is going to stop you. Today is not only the first day of the rest of your life, but also the day that your life vision is to take birth – business, sport, learn a new musical instrument, walk round the world – the “what” does not matter. What does matter is that today is that day, finally, that you and the world (though they don’t know it yet) have been waiting for. You are about to launch yourself. Watch out everyone…
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